The Project

“Multi-sectoral Regional Microsimulation Model” (MikroSim)

One of the core tasks is to update the initial data set. By estimating transition probabilities, the base population is projected into the future. These transition probabilities are estimated using theoretically grounded models, e.g. care dependency, fertility, etc., based on longitudinal data sets of empirical social research and official statistics.

The long-term objectives of the project are to provide assessment bases for the choice between different socio-political options for action. Furthermore, the project aims at assessing and improving individual behavioral predictions based on social science theories of action.

The first phase of the project focuses on the impact of demographic change on care and the integration of migrants into the labor market. In the second phase, the model will be extended to include further topics. This work phase will also include other relevant disciplines. MikroSim creates a simulation infrastructure that can easily be supplemented with new simulation modules and thus promotes further research cooperation.