Statistical Week 2019

At the Statistical Week from September 10 to September 13, 2019 at Trier University, “Microsimulations – Applications and Methods” will be one of this year’s conference focuses (Plenary Speech: Gijs Dekkers). Responsible are Ralf Münnich and Markus Zwick. Our research group participates with the following contributions:

  • Julian Reinhold, Philip Höcker, Sven Brocker, Rainer Schnell: Die Anwendung von Mikrosimulationen zur Bevölkerungsfortschreibung.
  • Hanna Brenzel, Markus Zwick: Mikroanalyse und Georeferenzierung in der amtlichen Statistik.
  • Petra Stein, Dawid Bekalarczyk, Eva Depenbrock: Implementing empirical results of panel models with lagged dependent variables and random intercepts into dynamic microsimulation.
  • Jana Emmenegger: Mikrosimulation von regionalen und familienspezifischen Disparitäten des Einkommens.
  • Sebastian Dräger: Regional microsimulation model of the future need for primary school infrastructure in Trier.
  • Kristina Neufang, Ralf Münnich: Synthesizing regression models to estimate micro-level data with multiple sources.